Welcome to the Den



Julia (Left) and Sarah (Right), 6 and 7 months pregnant.

Julia and Sarah are sisters-in-law turned best friends! When they had babies one month apart they realized just how special their journey was–and wondered how anyone ever survived the journey of motherhood alone! So, they are creating a wolf pack, and hope to spread love, advice, encouragement, cheer, and assistance to anyone who may want or need it!

Wolves are majestic creatures—We think  our Patronus’ (where our Harry Potter fans at?!), are wolves. A lot of mothers refer to themselves as Mama Bears, and with good reason. There are aspects of mama bears we adore; they are spotted playing with their cubs, they teach their cubs survival tactics, and they are incredibly protective of their young—hence the common use of the phrase “ she went all mama bear…”However, we cannot relate to the mother bear as much as we can relate to the mama wolf. The mother wolf spends much of her time after birth in the den. In fact, she spends so much time there it is not uncommon for other members of the pack to bring food to her, play with the other pups or babysit while she goes out to hunt (the wolf version of escaping to Target). That’s right; Mama Wolf isn’t ashamed to ask for help. This is something we hung on to. People are so far from nature these days we often forget that we are all part of the animal kingdom. We are not meant to be alone, we are not meant to raise children alone, and we are certainly not meant to hunt for our own food just days after giving birth! We decided that we are she wolves, we howl at the moon thanking God for our blissful, yet sometimes chaotic life, and then we curl up in the den, next to our man cubs and ask someone to bring us food.

Thank you mama wolf, for giving us the opportunity to learn from your example. The mama wolf follows her instincts; she is protective, loyal, selfless and brave—and part of being brave is being willing to ask for and accept help. So fellow mamas and papas, let’s take our cue from the mama wolf; let’s help each other out, let’s show support, let’s howl our praises, and please let’s bring each other food!

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