Imitation is the Sincerest form of Flattery

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, consider me flattered!

My son is turning into a mini mommy, and I friggin’ love it.

Some may not find it quite as adorable as I do though, and to that I say, “get over your gender stereotypes!” My son has the rest of his life to feel pressure from society to dress and act a “socially acceptable” way, so while he is at home with his mama every day, I am happy to see him imitating me with his proud smirk , as if saying “look at me mama, I’m just like you!”

Here are some of the hilarious, and sometimes mortifying, things my son has decided to imitate me doing:

Putting on makeup. Theo loves to watch me put on makeup, so much so I gave him some clean brushes so he can imitate me while I attempt to contour my cheek bones–or whatever the heck I am suppose to be doing.

Brushing hair. Theo basically only likes to brush his hair if I am brushing mine or his sisters, otherwise I better keep the scary monster comb away from him.

Eating food off the floor. Yes. Okay, I admit it, today Theo picked up his peanut butter sandwich off the floor, and without missing a beat, blew on it, and took a nice big bite. I’d like to say I don’t know where he learned this, but it’s totally from me. Does it help that it was organic peanut butter and bread? I get points for that, right?

Squatting and then wiping. Yup. You heard me, Theo likes to squat down in a private area to relieve himself, and then he proceeds to “wipe” himself (over his diaper) with his hand or a nearby tissue or rag. This was especially adorable when he did this in the middle of a busy restaurant while diners stared in shock, or most likely, horror.

Attempting to wear a pad or tampon. Another adorable gem, Theo has taken it upon himself to either hand me pads and tampons while I am on the toilet, or he just tries to put them in his pants himself. Imagine the blackmailing I could do with this information? I even have pictures. 😉

I honestly am proud of my son and his imitating. It just tells me he is a quick learner and that society has yet to tell him he can’t be anything he wants. His uninhibited play is exactly what this mama wants her son to do, for as long as possible.

Maybe he’ll even grow up to be a Hollywood makeup artist and will get a job doing the makeup of Chris Pratt, or Joseph Gordon Levitt…


Theo (14 months) trying to imitate how dope his mom is.

What adorable–and sometimes embarrassing–acts have you caught your kids imitating? How do you feel about it? Anyone think it is “wrong” in any way?

Feel free to share your stories by commenting! Just keep in mind our rules: be kind, be respectful, be helpful, spread cheer!

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