Mother's Day Gift

A Gift for Mother’s Day

As Mother’s day was slowly approaching, my husband asked me what I wanted for a gift. Being 37 weeks pregnant and with a 2 ½ year old toddler, I haven’t had time to think about what I wanted. I have been focusing on the pregnancy, Nyla and Neil. I have always put myself on the bottom of the list and never wanted something for myself because we could use the money for something more important. However, being a mom makes you forget that you deserve to be pampered. Taking a break is so difficult because let’s face it, it’s a forever job. Your mom conscience starts to feel guilty for wanting a break from being a mom, because our job is to love our role as a mom and accept that we don’t get breaks. But I shouldn’t feel guilty for wanting to get a pedicure. It’s been almost a year since I got one. My mom takes me for a pedicure every year for my birthday. But why should I wait for my birthday? Why have I been doing this once a year? Last time I got a manicure was in 2015! As for my hair, (long story short) I had it past my ribs, then did the dramatic pixie cut in 2017. Knowing I would have to go in for cuts more often to keep it neat, I wouldn’t go. It was 7 months later I finally went for a “trim”. Luckily for my wavy hair it didn’t look bad as it was growing out, it was almost like a mohawk. Oh and makeup! I buy the cheapest makeup. But why? Money. The guilt of getting good quality things for myself was too much for me. But this Mother’s day, I want to be spoiled. I want a haircut, I want eyeliner from Sephora, I want a pedicure and manicure, I want a professional massage or a day at the spa. This mama just wants a moment to focus on herself and feel like I deserve it. You do too! We have been on mom duty since we were first pregnant. Always thinking of someone else besides yourself. Can’t eat certain food while pregnant and breastfeeding. Can’t have one more glass of wine because the baby will need to nurse soon. Buying formula instead of your favorite magazine.

So when Neil asks me again what I want for today, I’m going to tell him! SPOIL ME! Or treat me one day of sleeping in. Today, I slept in until 10 am with breakfast in the oven and reading books to Nyla. It was a perfect day to finally not feel bad about not waking up with Nyla. Even when I heard “Oh! Poop fall down!” I was happy to ignore how big this poop fell on the floor and if the floor was properly cleaned. Instead I dozed off dreaming about something that I can’t remember, but I do remember dreaming. And that counts for something.

I hope I have inspired mama’s out there to finally say what you really want and deserve. Happy Mothers day.

By Sarah Harlow

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