Mother’s Day Break

All I want for Mother’s Day is not be a mom…for a couple of hours.

Seriously, though! Can someone please get the message out there?! Or am I alone here? I want my Mother’s Day gift to just be a dang break from being a mom! Someone please, tell my husband, for the love of all that is holy, DO NOT GET ME FLOWERS OR A CARD! I don’t want to have to deal with finding a vase, then watering the flowers, cutting the stems, then adding their weird flower food, picking up their petals when they fall on the counter and then eventually throwing the whole thing out  because they remind me of death and the water got gross and moldy. That is just more work for me, the MOTHER! Plus, for goodness sakes how long am I supposed to save a card?! A week, 6 months, a year?? Forever?? No thank you, I have enough clutter. And please, oh please, no messy trays of food near my nice clean sheets (okay, somewhat clean sheets…). Instead, what sounds nice is a day without cooking, cleaning, or changing diapers. Throw a little day drinking and watching Chris Pratt defend the galaxy in Avengers: Infinity War (Or Hemsworth, or Evans, or Hey! Scarlett Johansson, whoever you fancy!) in there, and I am a happy mama.

I mean, Mother’s Day is suppose to be about honoring mothers, right? So what better way to honor all my hard work than to give me a break from it? That is why I told my husband no to getting me a gift. I don’t want a gift, I want a  Saturday night date night, with him (and Chris Pratt), where I get to drink good beer, hold my husband’s bu–er–hand, and have a conversation with him about anything other than how much Theo ate at lunch and that he had a really huge poo afterward (seriously, you should have seen it, must’ve been two pounds).

Then of course I will come home from my “momcation” so I can smother my son and step-daughter in kisses and hugs and tell them how my life is absolutely perfect because I get to be their mom and step-mom. Then, when Sunday rolls around, I may accept a delicious french toast brunch with copious amounts of coffee and syrupy smooches from my baby. The great thing about Mother’s Day is you can make it a two part event. Saturday mom gets her break, and Sunday mom gets extra hugs and love from her family!

And okay, okay, a homemade card does sound pretty adorable…and I guess I wouldn’t mind some flowers if they were specifically picked for me from my kids.  


Julia with some fresh picked flowers from her son and step-daughter this Mother’s Day 2018

By Julia Hernandez

Do any of you fellow moms relate? What is your ideal Mother’s Day?

As always, please be kind, respectful, helpful, and spread cheer!

4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Break

  1. Stephanie says:

    All i want for mothers day is the opposite. I want to get flowers… being a single parent there is nobody to take my kids shopping to get me something. So i get the same thing every year. Nothing i do laundry like normal. Cook like normal. Clean like normal… Its just another day for me

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    • The Mama Wolves says:

      I totally get that! My sisters (both single moms) say the same thing. When my sister read my post she was like, “Jeez, when did you get so cynical!” LOL! I love anything my kids get me no matter what, but I guess I have higher standards for my husband. 😉 -Julia


  2. FH says:

    All I’ve ever wanted was to be a mother to be able to celebrate Mother’s Day. To be able to hear someone call me mom. You all are so lucky to be given the opportunity to experience the best gift ever. But I get it. Just like everything I’m sure it gets exhausting. And flowers do die. Greeting cards are so expensive and just end up in the trash. I guess my point here is to all the women that get to be mothers… cherish every moment of it cuz there are women out there that can’t conceive, that have lost a child, and that can’t afford to adopt. We have to choose a different path and just get to tell others Happy Mothers Day

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    • juliaher88 says:

      I totally get that! I remember getting shunned on Mother’s Day when I was “only a step-mom”. My post isn’t about not cherishing the precious moments and gifts from my children, but more a “hint hint” to the husbands out there to spoil and give their wives a break for Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day can absolutely mean different things to different people. I, personally, see it as an opportunity to pick something to do and have a little break. To other’s such as yourself, it sounds like it is instead a sad reminder of something you long for so badly. I hope and pray that you will get your opportunity to be a mother soon! Without knowing anything about you, all I can do is send you some love and positivity. Thank you for reading the post, and for the reminder of the different opinions on Mother’s Day.


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