Five Tips to Avoid Day Drinking During Summer Break

Okay, so it’s summer vacation, your kids are home with you all day, and it’s so much fun right? Riighhtttt…? No. It isn’t. It’s a friggin’ nightmare. First of all, you have to feed them ALL. DAY. LONG. As soon as you finish cleaning up breakfast they’re ready for a snack. And when one is ready to go hit the park, the other is ready for a nap. So what other option do you have than to pop open that bottle of rose’ or in my case, a crisp IPA, and begin a little day drinking? Well to avoid the urge to shrug and say, “It’s 5 0’clock somewhere,” here are my five tips to save your sanity, and your liver, during summer break.

  1. Schedules. It isn’t very easy, but worth it. Plan out your week so they know what to expect and to take the guess work out of trying to fill the day. But as always, routines with kids are meant to be flexible. Be easy on yourself.
  2. Stay Home. Don’t be afraid of the lazy days at home. Bake cookies, make popsicles,  get out the board games, play doh, homework, and coloring books and stay in to beat the heat.
  3. Free activities. The library, parks, friends houses, hikes, and museum on the first Friday of the month, are all awesome local and free activities to do with the kiddos. Have an aunt with a pool? Maybe it’s time for a visit!
  4. Reward systems. Let the kids earn Fun Fridays or new activities. This is a great way to encourage the kids to clean up after themselves, stop fighting, and nip that adorable-never-ceasing whining in the bud.
  5. Dollar section at Target, or the Dollar Tree. Bribe your kids with the opportunity  to demolish one another with squirt guns and work out some of their sibling rivalry.

In order to help save all you fellow mama’s sanity, and liver, here is a printable Summer Schedule for your use!

And don’t worry, soon summer will be over and you’ll be missing wiping up your thigh sweat while your kids complain that they’re bored at the water slides.

What are some of your summer hacks to tolerate those 75 days of…what’s a nicer word for “misery”?

Be kind, be helpful, be respectful and spread joy!

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