Mama Wolves Survival Basket

We sell one of a kind “New Mama Wolf Survival Baskets”, because our goal is to ensure that new mamas, and veteran mamas, alike feel loved and supported through their journey of motherhood.

When we had our newborns we were overwhelmed, frightened, and exhausted! Who knew newborns nursed round the clock? Who knew new moms could barely wobble to the bathroom? Who knew your breasts would spray milk like Old Faithful? Well, now we know, and we are determined to make sure all the new mamas out there are prepared and supported for their journey!

When Sarah and Julia had their babies 4 weeks apart, they shared everything with one another, from how big their blood clots were, to how they healed their sore nipples (see? EVERYTHING!). Through those first few weeks they both learned that they did not feel prepared enough for how difficult their motherhood journey would be. Why hadn’t anyone prepared them for the woes of breastfeeding for two hours straight, or how many pads they would go through in a day? When parents are expecting their sweet new bundles of joy they are showered with beautiful gifts for the new baby. This is great, starting a family is expensive and receiving new onesies and strollers is much appreciated! But, often times the new mom is slightly overlooked, and she has the hardest part! So, we created the New Mama Wolf Survival Basket. It is filled with much needed items for those first few weeks of surviving giving birth and a newborn!

If you would like to order a basket from us, please contact us at:

Each basket contains: 1 cup, 1 pack of almonds (please alert us of nut allergies), hand sanitizer, lanolin, 4 breast pads, 1 bed pad, 2 menstrual pads, 1 pack of face wipes, 1 pack of tissues, 1 pack of wisps, 1 night light, 1 note pad, 1 pen, and of course, 1 basket.

Each basket is packed neatly and presentably together, placed in a clear gift bag and tied with a bow.

Please note that colors and brands will vary due to availability.